Varnished and lacquered in Palma de Mallorca

We carry out varnishing and lacquering to give a new image to your environments.

Enamels and varnishes

The excellence of lacquer: long-lasting protection and refined aesthetics.

Lacquering is a coating technique by applying enamel or lacquer to a surface to achieve a smooth and permanent finish.

Some benefits of blanQ Pintura’s professional varnishing and lacquering:

  • Protection and durability: Varnishing and lacquering provide a protective layer that helps prevent damage caused by wear and humidity, extending the life of the surfaces.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: The varnishing and lacquering process can enhance the appearance, add shine and provide a smooth, polished finish.

We take care of every last detail and make sure to comply with the appropriate safety equipment to protect our workers, such as machinery or masks to prevent inhalation of the products used.
We apply the airless method, which allows us a wide range of colors to choose from and a wide variety of finishes: satin, matte or glossy.

The result is always quality work: adapted to the client’s interests, we use highly decorative paints, synonymous with exclusivity and quality.

Lacquers and Enamels

How do we do it?

Varnished and Lacquered in Mallorca for all types of surfaces.


We apply enamel on blinds, bars, railings, stairs… on iron and galvanized surfaces, using enamel with a finish of your choice, and through a primer that guarantees the durability and finish of the treated surface.

We renew and restore

We renew and restore furniture such as living room furniture, kitchen furniture, tables, sideboards… by sanding, repairing defects and subsequent enamelling and lacquering, thus achieving an exceptional finish and texture.

We lacquer

We lacquer doors, frames, windows, using two-component polyurethane-based material, which guarantees easy maintenance and durability.

Featured projects

Some varnishing and lacquer treatment work


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