Painters in Palma de Mallorca. We transform and renew your spaces.

Find professional and trained painters in Mallorca, with special attention to detail.

Interior and exterior painting services

blanQ Pintura is a painting company in Mallorca

With our painting services, you can:

  • Give new life to old spaces, changing their image and style.
  • Waterproof to avoid humidity problems.
  • Remove gotelé to give a smooth finish.
  • Placing wallpaper.

We radically change the appearance and decoration of your spaces.

We often receive questions like:

What type of paint is best for the job at hand? What color is best to apply? What type of finish do you recommend? What is the best brand of paint? What material to use?

Being a company of painters in Mallorca with experience and track record allows us to advise our clients to achieve the transformation they want.

Pintura Interior

How we work

Company of professional painters in Mallorca. This is how we transform your spaces:

High quality materials

We use a wide variety of paints depending on the finish you want to achieve: lime paint, matte paint, satin, washable, breathable paints…

All materials used are of the best and highest quality for a quality and professional finish.


Security equipments

We prioritize the health of workers, and that is why the use of appropriate equipment is essential to achieve a safe and responsible work environment.

Safety equipment, such as masks with specific filters for organic vapors and fine particles, are essential for high-quality respiratory protection.


Farrow and Ball Paints

We use Farrow and Ball paints, among other world-leading quality brands.

Farrow and Ball is a leading brand founded in England in the mid-20th century, and is considered the best paint brand in the world for:

  • Its artisanal manufacture with the best ingredients.
  • Its eco-friendly character.
  • Its wide and sophisticated range of colors and finishes for both interior and exterior.
  • Its versatility to apply to different types of materials.

Featured projects

Some interior painting work.


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blanq Pintura Interior and exterior

blanQ Pintura is a company specialized in all types of vertical work: façade rehabilitation and coatings, painting, waterproofing and more.

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