Rehabilitation of facades in Mallorca

We are professionals in rehabilitation and renovation of building facades for communities of owners, individuals and companies.

Facade rehabilitation

The importance of preserving its facades in good condition.

Building facades are the fundamental elements that represent the first impression of any structure.

Keeping facades in good condition is crucial to ensuring the durability and safety of buildings, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

A deteriorated coating can allow moisture to enter, which in the long term can damage the structure of the building and the people who live there.

Rehabilitation or proper repair prevents problems such as humidity, leaks, detachment of cladding in poor condition, mold, among others.

Reforms and Rehabilitation of facades

Small fixes

Comprehensive solutions for the exterior of buildings.

In addition to the coating and structural repair of the facades, we also carry out small repairs to avoid problems that compromise the health of the building, such as:

  • Pillar arrangement
  • Crack repair
  • Arrangement of forged edges

The main objective is to guarantee its good condition: to achieve its durability and conservation, as well as the safety of the building.

Without adequate treatment, the facades are exposed to deterioration and humidity, a common problem in Mallorca.
This task is considered complex and requires the experience and competence of a specialized company, with expert teams.

Our team will be in charge of advising you at all times on the option that best suits the problem that exists on your facade, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We take care of bringing all the necessary material to the construction site, as well as transporting the debris caused to an authorized landfill.

How we work

How do we carry out facade renovations and refurbishments in Mallorca?

Cleaning work

Cleaning of the surface using manual and mechanical means: this is how we achieve an optimum finish for subsequent painting.

Suitable equipment

We carry out work on façades using suitable equipment, such as fixed scaffolding, cranes and vertical work, always complying with the specific regulations applicable to each case.

Qualified personnel

Our qualified staff works exhaustively to achieve the best finishes and the best quality, providing good waterproofing and breathability of the area.

Featured projects

Some façade refurbishment works:
Projects carried out with crane and scaffolding, and also with vertical works.


Via Roma Building, Facade Rehabilitation


Facade transformation and rehabilitation. Replacement, change and placement of more than 500 pieces of granite.

Miquel Roselló i Alemany, Facade Rehabilitation


Repair of forged edges in poor condition, repair of existing cracks in the façade, coating throughout the façade, painting of railings on balconies and finally, waterproofing of seas through water repellent.

Miramar Building, Facade Rehabilitation


Review of existing parts and replacement of those that are in poor condition. Water-repellent protective surface treatment for porous materials. Application of SIKA to eliminate expansion and finally application of façade coating.

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