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BlanQ Pintura
is a renowned company specialized in exterior and interior painting in Mallorca.

In addition, we are experts in façade rehabilitation and coatings, waterproofing, we carry out asbestos treatment as an authorized company, microcement and much more.

We have a dynamic team of highly trained professionals who are always in constant training, which allows us to carry out projects in a professional manner, from the preparation to the development of each work.
Some of our courses and training:

  • Business management course for painters, with Juliá Pinturas.
  • Microcement course with Joan Condincs, from Nova Color Arquitectura.
  • Course on Work with Risk of Asbestos Exposure, with Previs.
  • Exterior insulation course with SATE.
  • Vertical Work Course, with Vestalia.


We are committed to an efficient and quality business culture.

A well-organized work environment increases employee productivity and morale, which translates into better service for our customers: quality, valuable and lasting work.

We are dedicated to offering our clients quality work, paying special attention to every detail as our main objective.


If you are interested in working with us, send your CV to or fill out the form you will find on the contact page.


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blanq Pintura Interior and exterior

blanQ Pintura is a company specialized in all types of vertical work: facade rehabilitation and coatings, painting, waterproofing and more.

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